The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

A man, "born under unusual circumstances," ages backwards, through a life that is as unusual as could be.

The Cinder Buggy - A Fable in Iron and Steel

Garet Garrett's fiction deals with the social impact of economic transformations. In The Driver, he deals with railroads, while Satan's Bushel examines agricultural.

Visitors to the Inner Earth

True tales (or so it was claimed)
of subterranean journeys

Legends of Vancouver

Preface: I HAVE been asked to write a preface to these Legends of Vancouver, which, in conjunction with the members of the Publication Sub-committee -- Mrs. Lefevre, Mr. L. W.

Atlantic Creoles in the Age of Revolutions

Sailing the tide of a tumultuous era of Atlantic revolutions, a remarkable group of African-born and African-descended individuals transformed themselves from slaves into active agents of their liv

Animorphs - The Encounter

Warned to never stay in his animal shape for more than two hours, Tobias forgets when he becomes involved in a rescue campaign and faces being trapped in a hawk's body forever.


Brandon Dauphin feels like a dying ember. He’s jobless and feels worthless, and falling in love has only made his problem worse.

Far Behind

‘Imagine a different revelation: The devil rising to Earth remorseful for what he has done, in a story of what could happen come April 2012!’New York, New York- April 2012: As a writer, he wasnt on

Storm Clouds Rolling In

Carrie Cromwell comes of age as the dark clouds of the Civil War swallow the country.

Life Blood

It lies hidden deep in the mist-shrouded rain forest of Central America.
A place where a brilliant doctor fulfills dreams for some – and creates chilling nightmares for others.