Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror


A teenage girl with special powers runs away from home and encounters a group of werewolves.

A Spell Cast Volume Three

Finding Tristan is the only thing on Chloe’s mind. She is willing to do anything, go anywhere. Mystery, time travel, magic and a life saved.

A Spell Cast Volume Two

Mistaken identity, deeper secrets, danger and surprises. **** Oliver is mistaken for a descendant of the ancient Dearing family. Someone is owed and out to collect on an eight-hu

A Spell Cast Volume One

A Secret a move and they all meet. Chloe is eighteen when her family moves to England from California. She didn’t want to move and had a plan to go back home, until she saw Tristan Dearing.

The Gold Watch

While prospecting a creek in the Cariboo Mountains near Barkerville in 1866, Pete comes across the corpse of a murdered man clutching a gold watch in his hand.

John Gone

After finding a mysterious wristwatch buried in the sand, sixteen-year-old John suddenly finds himself teleporting farther and farther away from his home each day when the hands strike 3:14.

First Contact Finders – The Carnivorous Plant

Samy and Jerry are space agents, that are inspecting a newly discovered planets.

NEBADOR Book One: The Test

NEBADOR – the incredible journey of five young adults from poverty and oppression to respected citizenship in the wide universe …

We Are Here

This book is not for those of you who are looking for third dimensional physical alien beings; it is not for those of you who are looking to read about abductions and UFO sightings.

Mission of the One Star

This book creates a unique 'map of consciousness' for the reader and uses that map to adroitly navigate the aspects of the multi-self. This book is more of a process than an idea.