Teaching Resources & Education

Journalism 2.0

Journalism 2.0 will show you how to survive and thrive in the world of journalism. Although the book is a few years old, there is still much you can learn.

Explore your blind spot

Discover how the mind hides its tracks. This is a short guide to one of the secrets of mind and brain.

20 Creative Blocks (and How to Break Through Them)

20 Creative Blocks by Mark McGuinness is written from a collection of blog series he's amassed over the past 6 years.

Merchants Of Deception

This free version of Merchants Of Deception may not be around for long, so grab your copy today.

Calculus Made Easy

Learn calculus the easy way. This has to be one of the best math teaching books ever. A remarkable and user-friendly approach to the study of calculus.

Economics In One Lesson

The classic book that has taught many millions sound economic thinking.

Economic Depressions: Their Cause and Cure

Murray Rothbard was the master of reducing complicated theories to their very essence while retaining theoretical rigor, and this essay is a case in point.

Prosperity And Depression

Are you serious about business cycle theory?

Stop Dog Barking Today!

There is nothing new with dogs barking. Dogs bark. It is part of their normal and natural communication and behavior.

Helping Your Child Learn Mathematics

This booklet is made up of fun activities that parents can use with children from preschool age through grade 5 to strengthen their math skills and build strong positive attitudes toward math.