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  • The Titan

    The Titan

    The Titan is a novel written by Theodore Dreiser in 1914. It is Dreiser's sequel to The Financier.

  • With Her in Ourland

    With Her in Ourland

    Herland described an all-women utopia in a secluded high valley, where 3 adventurous young men visit by airplane.

  • The Ghost

    The Ghost

    When Carl Foster, a young doctor, sees beautiful Rosetta Rosa at a London opera he is instantly captivated -- and almost as rapidly finds himself plagued by mysterious occurances.

  • Facing the Flag

    Facing the Flag

    Facing the Flag or For the Flag is a patriotic novel by Jules Verne.

  • The Crock of Gold

    The Crock of Gold

    A truly unique novel, The Crock of Gold is a mixture of philosophy, Irish folklore and the neverending battle of the sexes, written with charm, humour and good grace.

  • The Coming Race

    The Coming Race

    The Power of The Coming Race is a powerful novel that fired the imagination of readers starting in the 1870's.

  • A Hundred Years Hence : The Expectations Of An Optimist

    A Hundred Years Hence : The Expectations Of An Optimist

    In this serious attempt to forecast the changes ahead in the 20th century from the year 1906, the author deals with the accelerating rate of scientific progress, housing, travel, population, busine

  • The Zeppelin's Passenger

    The Zeppelin's Passenger

    "Never heard a sound," the younger of the afternoon callers admitted, getting rid of his empty cup and leaning forward in his low chair. "No more tea, thank you, Miss Fairclough.

  • Travels through France and Italy

    Travels through France and Italy

    After suffering the loss of his only child, 15-year-old Elizabeth, in April of 1763, Smollett left England in June of that year. Together with his wife, he traveled across France to Nice.

  • The Sundering Flood

    The Sundering Flood

    The Sundering Flood, among the last of Morris's works, was published in 1897, after his death.