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  • El Conflicto de los Siglos

    Se recrudece una guerra espiritual.
  • Patriarchs and Prophets

    Patriarchs and Prophets traces from prehistoric times the conflict between good and evil and its universal compass.
  • America en la Profecia [Version Moderna]

    Los orígenes peculiares de Estados Unidos y su hegemonía en los asuntos mundiales se quedan indiscutibles. Como superpotencia nacida de Europa, la historia se ha resplandecido por todas partes.
  • The Great Controversy

    For millennia, the powers of good and evil have clashed on the battlefield for the loyalties of men.
  • The Desire of Ages by Ellen White [New Edition]

    At the heart of all humanity, regardless of ethnicity, age, class, culture, religion, or residence, there is a burning desire of some unspeakable intangibility - the soul so empty and miserable.
  • John Death

    In the search for protection from his enemies, a wealthy businessman hires the service of John Death, a hero to whom he owes his life, and hands the keys to his empire which within lies his sole posse
  • Godfrey Morgan

    Godfrey Morgan

    The story of a young adventurer, Godfrey Morgan, and his deportment instructor, Professor T. Artelett, who embark on a round-the-world ocean voyage.

  • Cabin Fever

    Cabin Fever

    The mind fed too long upon monotony succumbs to the insidious mental ailment which the West calls 'cabin fever.' ...

  • Worms Of the Earth

    Worms Of the Earth

    ran Mak Morn, King of the Picts, vows revenge on the Roman governor Titus Sulla after witnessing the crucifixion of a fellow Pict.

  • Almuric


    The novel is a planetary romance in which Esau Cairn is transported from Earth to the planet Almuric where he fights apelike humans, winged demons, and other monsters.