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  • The Heritage of the Desert

    The Heritage of the Desert

    Published in 1910, this was Zane Grey's first western novel. It received wide and unanimous praise for its powerful portrait of the land and the men and women of the Southwest.

  • Captain Burle

    Captain Burle

    It was nine o'clock. The little town of Vauchamp, dark and silent, had just retired to bed amid a chilly November rain.

  • The Turn of the Screw

    The Turn of the Screw

    The Turn of the Screw is a short novel or a novella written by American writer Henry James.

  • A Voice in the Wilderness

    A Voice in the Wilderness

    Margaret Earle, an Eastern girl, thinking she has reached her destination in Arizona, where she is going to teach school, steps off the train at a lonely, desert water tank, and the train moves on,

  • The Survivors

    The Survivors

    The end of the world has given us a harsh, merciless existence, where nature tries hard to push humanity to the very brink of extinction. Everything is against us, between us.

  • The Face in the Abyss

    The Face in the Abyss

    The novel concerns American mining engineer Nicholas Graydon. While searching for lost Inca treasure in South America, he encounters Suarra, handmaiden to the Snake Mother of Yu-Atlanchi.

  • The Instant of Now

    The Instant of Now

    Revolution is not necessarily a noble thing. Unless shrewdly directed, its best elements may fall victim to its basest impulses.

  • The Cartels Jungle

    The Cartels Jungle

    In most ideally conceived Utopias the world as it exists is depicted as a mushrooming horror of maladjustment, cruelty and crime.

  • The Cave Girl

    The Cave Girl

    Blueblooded mama's boy Waldo Emerson Smith-Jones is swept overboard during a south seas voyage for his lifelong ill health. He finds himself on a jungle island.

  • Brother Jacob

    Brother Jacob

    Brother Jacob is Eliot's literary homage to Thackeray, a satirical modern fable that draws telling parallels between eating and reading.