Mistress of the Web Vol 1: The Black Book

Mistress of the Web Vol 1: The Black Book
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Born in rage, a killer before she left the amniotic sac, the Lady Desdemona is a genetically enhanced killing machine with three millennia of blood soaked history tucked under her belt – and no signs of slowing down.

In the festering city of Golgotha Falls where high technology meshes uncomfortably with ancient ritual there are doorways that exist in the very fabric of space and time, software programmes that can overwrite a man’s personality, monsters born on the dark side of physics and demons that bypass the laws of physics altogether. It is a city that caters to every unholy fetish and every sordid desire - a technological wonderland with a dark, toxic underbelly.

This is Desdemona’s squalid hunting ground and for three thousand years she has struck terror into the city’s mortal populace. A creature of tooth and claw with a seemingly insatiable appetite for human flesh she descends each night from her lofty castle to mete out her own perverse brand of justice -

But the city of her birth is spiralling towards all-out civil war as a mortal insurgency gathers force against the God-like rulers of Golgotha Falls. Caught in the crossfire Desdemona must use every ounce of ingenuity and cunning she possesses just to stay alive as her past comes back to haunt her with a terrible vengeance.

Every God has her day but it looks like the Lady Desdemona’s days may just be numbered.