Four Corners Dark

Out in the darkness, the demons and horrors of our imagination become all too real. Of those brave enough to leave the light and plunge into the world’s dark corners, none come back unchanged.

eBooks VS Real Books

There are many people out in the world today who prefer to do their reading on electronic devices such as E-readers, tablets, computers, or even smart phones, however, there are just about as many

Elements That Make Up a Great Character

Thinking about writing the next great American novel? Many new writers put a lot of thought into a story line and plot, but put very little effort into the development of the characters.

Which Type of E-reader Should You Get

There are many authors and publishing companies who have decided to go electronic lately, meaning that the need for E-readers has increased since 5 years ago.

Book Genre Says About You

You’ve probably heard that you can tell a lot about person from their choice of music, or their favorite color. Well the same can be said about the type of books a person prefers.

The Cleaner

John Milton considers himself an artisan. A master of killing.