Vegetarian Quick & Easy

Want tasty vegetarian meals in just 15 minutes or less? 100 quick & easy recipes awaits for you.

I Only Wanted To Live

A broad picture of the Holocaust from the point of view of a child. This book is a memoir of a child who is swept into the whirlwind of the Holocaust.

Quite Contrary

The secret of having an adventure is getting lost. Who ever visited an enchanted kingdom or fell into a fairy tale without wandering into the woods first? Well, Mary is lost.

Choice Of Weapon – A Dark Thriller

Sister Manon is in trouble. Children at her orphanage have gone missing and no one will believe her. So she calls on the one person who she can rely on.

When The Tiger Kills

When she was a young girl, Dawn Cimarron lost her entire family in one afternoon of brutal violence. As a result, she has dedicated her life to law enforcement.

Seven Weeks To Forever

Cassidy Jordan won’t open her heart to anyone, and with good reason. She’s a second-timer, returned from the afterlife after a devastating romance caused her death.