People are dead, slaughtered like animals in the night. The reigning power, the Hulcondans, blame rebels. Rabreah, a rebel, knows it’s a lie.

Discovery of the Saiph

Epic space battles, discovery of new alien cultures and desperate missions behind enemy lines. A must for military SF fans. In the not too distant future humans can travel to the stars.

Painting With Fire

Murder in the Windy City. Love without trust. Reckless justice.

A Horse Called September

The moving story of a passionate friendship between two girls growing up together on an isolated Devon farm in the 1970s, the break-up of that friendship — and the horse that changed their lives fo

Waves Of Passion: Contemporary Romance

Just when Sage and Derek are getting serious about their relationship, change sweeps through the tiny little town of Seaside, Florida.

The Voyage

On May 13th 1939, five strangers boarded the MS St. Louis, a German ship leaving Hamburg on its way to Cuba. Four of the five were Jewish.