The Waylaid Heart

Although her marriage to Mr. Waddley had been passionless, the beautiful widow Cecilia vowed to unmask the man responsible for her husband’s untimely demise.

Coming Home

The weather may be cold outside, but things are sizzling indoors.

The Last Witness

What’s it like to be a target for murder? Every step you take, every sigh you make – could be your last. Could you outsmart a desperate killer?

Duel In The Dark

The Confederation battleship Dauntless has spent ten months patrolling the border, alone, watching for an attack from the enemy Union.

An Ordinary Dude’s Guide To Meditation

There are hundreds of meditation books out there. Many written by monks, and some written by hippies and spiritual gurus. But how many are written by an ordinary dude?

Double Blind

Delilah Pelham’s is a petite spitfire who packs a punch…literally.