Texas Wide Open

“A tortured hero, a love that defies distance and time…this is a book you won’t soon forget.” -Cat Johnson

Vampires Suck But You Don’t Have To

Take the bite out of personal transformation! Get your energy back! When you were a child, you wanted to play and enjoy yourself.

An Unlikely Match

Morgan Holbrook has a PhD in jet propulsion, a plum research position at CalTech and a sexy, new neighbor who is way out of his league.

Demons & Pearls

Had I known the repercussions of murdering the captain of a pirate ship, I may have taken the time necessary to rethink the act.

Monster Of The Apocalypse

Twenty years ago plagues swept humanity to the brink of extinction.

Eye Of The Moonrat

What if you were terrible at the one thing in the world you wanted to do most? Justan was raised on the outskirts of the premier Battle Academy in the known lands.